Royal Python Vivarium Starter Kit

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Product Overview

Our Royal Python Vivarium kit is available in 3 sizes and 2 colour choices to suit all Royal Pythons and homes. 

Full kit contents

  • Premium Quality Vivarium with 18mm thick board and secure ventilation.
  • Habistat Pulse Thermostat
  • Ceramic Heater (100w)
  • Ceramic Heat Resistant Fitting with metal bracket
  • Heater Guard
  • Arcadia ProT5 lighting (22in in the 3ft kits and 34in in the 4ft kits)
  • Arcadia LampGuardPro cage to prevent accidental contact with the lamp
  • Digital Twin Probe Thermometer 

We don't inlcude decoration as we know that but is personal to you and depends fully on the size of your snake.  We have a full range of decor in store with hides, plants, branches, bowls, substrates and more and will be happy to assist you make the right choices.