We have the following livestock available.  We must emphasise clearly that you are currently NOT able to come and browse animals due to social distancing... likewise we must be even more strict in terms of ensuring that animals are only sold to homes where their care will be perfect.
If you are interested in any animal you must either be purchasing a full setup for it from ourselves or be able to provide photographic evidence of an equally suitable setup.  With this in mind please call us on 0115 8370980 to discuss further and we will gladly take your details and provide photos, videos etc so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

We are happy to provide local delivery or collection but again this will only be done if we can ensure it is done with social distancing in mind.  Current guidelines prohibit coming to collect an animal unless you are also purchasing essential items at the same time, this means if this is not the case the only option available will be delivery, we are happy to discuss this with you over the phone. 
cb19 costal carpet python 
£79.99 with a full set up £295.00
Royal Python Lesser Pastel clown 
£99.95  with full set up £325.00
Royal Python Clown 
£299.00  £525.00
Royal Python male Pastel Enchi  Pinstripe  
£249   with full set up £475.00
Caramel Motley Tessera Corn Snake
Caramel Motley Corn Snake
Caramel Stripe Tessera Corn Snake
Granite Tessera het Pied Corn Snake
Butter Tessera Motley Corn Snake
Cinder Corn Snake
Caramel Cinder Stripe Corn Snake
 all £79.99 with full set up £150
Hognose normal £100. with set up £200 
3 x  Hermans Tortoise £100 each 
1 Collared lizard £69.99
Nosey Be Panther Chameleon  male £225.00
sub adult Eclipse Leopard Gecko  
£59.99 with full set up £225.00
Leaf insects  £3.99 2 for £6
assorted Stick insects  £2.99 2 for £4.50
Giant African Millipede £19.99
Curly Hair spiderling £5.99
Red Knee siderling  £23.99
Toga starburst   £29.90
Pedersons Ornamental  £59.99
Fire Leg tarantula   £90
various mantids (clearance)  only £5