Welcome to our current livestock list... we do our best to keep this up to date but always call us before making a special journey as some animals sell or reserve quickly. 
Before asking to purchase livestock please be aware that due to the Coronavirus outbreak handling and close contact are not available at this time.
We offer a discounted price for all animals when purchased with a full setup, this helps us ensure that they will remain in an enclosure they are used to or move into an identical new one.  In the event that you already have equipment we are still more than happy to help, but we emphasise that it is our strict policy to only sell into an enclosure that meets or exceeds our own standards (both in enclosure size and the type of equipment used) and photographic evidence is always required.
Crested Geckos: CB19 
£69.99 (or £49.99 when purchased with a full setup)
Leopard Geckos: CB20    SOLD
Super HYPO Leopard gecko  CB20  SOLD
Banana blizzard leopard gecko CB20  SOLD
£59.99 (or £39.99 when purchased with our full setup)
Red Bearded Dragons: CB20
£129.99 (or £99.99 when purchased wit our full set up)
*We will strictly refuse any sale where an equivalent setup is not provided, find out more here about how to setup a bearded dragon enclosure 
Yemen Chameleon (Male) CB20 
£85.99 (or £69.99 when purchased with a full setup)
Pastel Enchi Pinstripe Royal Python
Royal Python (Normal) CB19 
£59.99 (or £39.99 when purchased with a full setup)
Corn Snakes  
 Normal Corn snake 
£59.99 or £39.99 when purchased with  a full set up
Motley Corn Snake
£76.99 or £63.99 when purchased with a full set up
Hypo Diffused Tessera Corn Snake 
£105.00 or £85.95 whe purchased with a full set up
Adult Snow Corn Snake
£50 or £269 with a full setup (excludes decor)
Horsfield Tortoises 2019
£119.99 (or £99.99 when bought with a full setup or accessory pack)  LIMITED STOCK 
ref XCAH001
Hermanns Tortoises 2019
£159.99 (or £139.99 when bought with a full setup or accessory pack)  LIMITED STOCK
Hermanns Tortoises 2012 Females (Special Order)
£249.99 (please call ahead as these are not on site)
Horned Frog (Apricot) CB20
Blue Phase Whites Tree Frogs
£30.99 or £26.99 when purchased with a full set up
XIHF002 CB 1-2cm Pumpkin Patch Tarantula £21.99  
XINC001 CB 2-3cm Brazilian Red & White Tarantula £35.99  
XIHL002 CB 1cm Cobalt Blue Tarantula £25.99  
XIBB002 CB 3cm Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula £39.99
XIHM002 CB 2-3cm Togo Starburst Tarantula £25.99
XICC002 CB 2.5cm Greenbottle Blue Tarantula £49.99   SOLD
XIPR004 CB 3-4cm Indian Ornamental Tarantula £35.99
XILP001 CB 1cm Salmon Pink Tarantula £11.99  
XIBH001 CB 1cm Mexican Red Knee Tarantula £27.99
XIMB001 CB 1cm Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula £25.99
XILP003 CB 5-7cm Salmon Pink Tarantula £35.99  
Skeleton Leg Millipedes  £2.00 each or 3 for £5
Giant African Train Millipedes  £19.95
Giant African land Snails  £2.50
Giant African Mantis - Sphondromantis sp 
Giant Dead Leaf Mantis - Deroplatys desiccata
Giant Dead Leaf Mantis - Deroplatys truncata 
Budwing Mantis - Parasphendale affinis
Mega Mantis - Plistospilota sp.
Giant Shield Mantis - Rhombodera extensicollis
Giant Asian Mantis - Hierodula membranacea
Ghost Mantis - Phyllocrania paradoxa
Banded Flower Mantis - Theopropus elegans
Orchid Mantis - Hymenopus coronatus
Live Plants
Forest plants  £3.20
Bromelaid plants £3.50
Large Spider Plant (12cm Pot) - £7.99
Medusa Exotics has been granted a 5* licence to sell animals as pets by Gedling Borough Council.  Ref 19/02080/PET