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We stock a range of frozen and live foods to meet all your reptiles needs at a very competative price. Live foods delivered fresh every Tuesday and Friday.


Locusts, Crickets, Waxworms, Mealworms, Morio worms, Calci Worms, Dubia Roaches. If you require any other items of live food please contact us we can order in most live foods.



3 TUBS FOR £5  mix and match




single prices

10% discount for 10

mix and match                            price for 25                            price for 100


pinkies      25p                           20p each   £5.00                18p  each    £18.00

fuzzies      35p                           30p  each  £7.50                 28p each      £28.00

hoppers    35p                           30p each    £7.50                28p each      £28.00

small         50p                           39p each    £9.75                35p each     £35.00

medium     65p                           46p each    £11.25              45p each     £45.00

large          75p                           57p each    £14.25              55p each     £55.00

jumbo        90p                           66p each     £16.50             65p each     £65.00


single price, can mix with

mice to give the

10% discount                                      price for 10                      price for 100                  

rat pups               50p                    38p each     £3.80               30p  each     £30.00                                  

rat fluffs               75p                    62p each     £6.20                50p  each    £50.00

small weaner    £1.40                    85p  each    £8.50                75p  each    £75.00

large weaner    £1.40                 £1.00  each    £10.00               95p each    £95.00

small rat           £1.60                 £1.25  each    £12.50           £1.15  each    £115.00  

medium rat       £1.95                 £1.40  each    £14.00           £1.25  each    £125.00

large rat            £2.05                 £1.50  each    £15.00           £1.35  each   £135.00  

ex large rat       £2.20                 £1.60 each     £16.00           £1.55  each   £155.00

jumbo rat          £3.25                 £2.50 each     £20.00           £2.30  each   £230.00


free local delivery on packs of 100. Packs of 100 must be pre ordered and paid for at time of order. If you find your order is cheaper elsewhere please contact us we may be able to match the price for the total order.


If you have a large order of mixed sizes which are not 100 pack, we will be able to give discounts, please ring for a quote


We may be able to deliver smaller orders, but there may be a small charge, dependng on size of the order and distance.